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Children (and teens) need to be protected
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About Myself and The Purpose of This Site

About Myself

I know a lot about child sexual abuse. No, I wasn't abused as a child. I can't go into detail due to privacy issues, but I got to know a little about a few child sexual abusers. They had different reasons for molesting children, different "interests", and were at different levels in what they did, or almost did. After learning some things about them directly, I did some research to study more on this subject. Several years ago I heard about a book written by someone who was molested as a child. I bought the book and read it in about 3 days with tears a few times, then I decided to look for more autobiographies and true stories. Some of them were written by the victims, some by foster carers, and some by people who work with children in other ways. Many of the stories were about things being done that were so far out of this world that most people probably couldn't even imagine it. After doing a lot of research, and reading many stories, I decided I had to help do something about this huge, but usually hidden, problem. My business is website hosting and design, so I decided to do a website to help abuse victims, directly and indirectly, A little later, I decided to do another website, this one, with plans to start an organization some day to make a real difference.

Now you have an idea of why I want to help protect the children, so how can I help protect the children?

I can help teach others about child abuse. I can help children learn what to do, help abusers get help, and help others learn how they can help with this serious problem. I can also help victims after the abuse and I can help get kids off the street. Most of them are there because of abuse. Last, but definitely not least, I can help you. If you are a victim or an abuser, I can help you find the help you need, and if you are someone who cares about this issue, I can help you help fight it.
For ideas on how you can help, go to my take action page.
If you like what I'm doing and want to help me make a difference, go to my support page.
If you are a victim or abuser and want help, go to my site.

The Purpose of This Site

The purpose of this site is twofold. One is to raise money so I can help more, and the other is to help others get involved so we can all fight this together.

If we ALL take action, we can help many children have better lives, starting with protecting the children.

My problem is, because of how my life has gone, things just aren't working out for me the way they should. Ever since I was a teenager, my life goal has always been helping young people. The details have changed a bit now and then, but the goal is still the same. My dreams have been things like providing housing for kids on the street, providing counselling for victims and abusers, providing summer camp for sick kids, helping 3rd world countries, and setting up an organization to do these kinds of things. I've been self-employed most of my life and my plans were to have a very successful business and be able to afford to do those kinds of things. So far, all business has been doing is keeping me alive, and sometimes it isn't doing that very well. Pretty much any idea I have to help others requires time, money, or both, and I seldom have spare of either. I find it easier to get time than money, but even that is hard to get because I usually have to use it to try to make money. Over the years I have done a few small things to make a difference, but I'm very disappointed in what I've done so far. My life goal isn't working out and I'm not young (50's) anymore, so I decided to use a little time to put a new site (this one) together to make more of a difference.

There are a lot of people who want to help make a difference. Many of them have no free time to get involved, but may have a little spare money to help others make a difference. You can help me make a difference by supporting what I do. Others do have free time and want to get involved. You can find ideas on how you can get involved on the take action page. Some of you are like me, little or no free time or money, but you wish you could help. If you want to help make a difference, you can. Just check out the support and take action pages and you will find some ideas that don't require much time or money.

What I Do (and want to do)

I'm not a licensed therapist or anything like that, so some people may say I don't have any qualifications to help stop child abuse, but anyone can help stop it, even you.

What I have done so far

  • made donations to charities
  • visited children in hospital who don't get visitors
  • passed out mittens to kids downtown on cold winter days
  • put together my other site at (still under construction)
  • given advice to a few people through that site
  • given advice to many people through other sites
  • provided transportation for sick kids and the parents
  • helped a few children towards accomplishing their dreams

What I'm currently working on

  • this website - to help me and others help protect children
  • my other site - to provide information and help for abuse victims, abusers, and those who care
  • speech about child abuse (version for children, pre-teens, teens, and adults)
  • advertising to get the word out - to children and adults

What I want to do

  • give speeches about abuse to children at schools, daycare centers, etc
  • give speeches/seminars about abuse to people who care
  • provide information to children and adults about abuse through various forms of media, even television
  • start an organization to help children have better lives
  • provide housing to help get teens off the streets

Those lists may not be complete, but they might give you some ideas if you are looking for ways to help.

Ultimate Goal

What I would like to do is start an organization to help children all around the world have better lives.

My childhood wasn't the greatest. I can't redo it, but I can help others have a better one. Many children are living a life much worse than mine was, and I'd be dead today if it weren't for children, so to me, children are angels and they deserve the best life they can have.

If we ALL take action, we can help many children have better lives, starting with protecting the children.

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