Protecting The Children
 - help stop child abuse and help the victims
logo-black.gif Child abuse is more common than you think
Children (and teens) need to be protected
Together, we can make a difference
Let's Stop This

Welcome to Protecting The Children .org

Protecting The Children was launched January 1, 2011.
help protect children from all kinds of abuse

Make changes in the world regarding child abuse and the effects it has on the victims.
starting in Canada and spreading like a virus

Make child abuse no longer be kept a secret.
it doesn't stop as long as it's a secret

Help children recognize they are being abused.
Many children accept abuse because they think it's normal.
Help children being abused do something about it.
They don't know what to do and are too scared anyway.
Help adults recognize abuse so they can do something about it.
It's easy to see if you know what to look for.
Help abusers get the help they need to stop abuse at the source.
Many abusers want, or will accept, help.
Help victims recover from the effects of abuse.
One-time or ongoing, abuse has an effect.
Help get abuse victims off the streets.
Pretty much every child/teen on the streets is there because of abuse.

You can contact the site owner at

If we ALL take action, we can help many children have better lives, starting with protecting the children.

Fed up with the filth the entertainment media is throwing at our children?
another website - I'm not affiliated with them, but like what they do

Protect The Children organization, a subsidiary of MASA.

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